Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 7: Use your breakfast

Today's assignment said to "use your breakfast" before you eat it. I don't normally eat much of a breakfast. I like to spend my calories on my daily Coffee Toddy w/ cream (cold brewed coffee).

I decided to take the spent coffee grounds I had from the Toddy I brewed last night & use that in my project. I spread the grounds on the paper, some I brushed off right away & others remained. With the coffee stain image I made a "Blobby" which is what I call this type of drawing. I have been drawing Blobbys for awhile using paint & inks....they are fun because you just let the blobs of color dictate the image without a pre-conceived image in mind. I did add a little color with watercolor pencils too!

Here is today's result:

"Blobby" the COFFEE monster

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