Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Day Before............

I am creating this blog to hopefully document my progress through the book : 365 A Daily Creative Journal by Noah Scalin. I hope to be inspired to create something new everyday. The book has a different prompt each day to lead the creative mind on an adventure. I need this so much. I need to reconnect to my creative soul so I don't drown in self pity.

In addition to this book, I am working through the book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I am part of a small creativity group of 4 people who are working through this amazing book for creative recovery. Our official start date was Saturday, so I thought my 365 journey would be great to do along with it.

My head has been in a fog for awhile & I know that my best bet for pulling out of my depression is through art (and prayer of course too).

So.....tomorrow it begins. Wish me luck.