Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: A Collection

In all honesty....I cheated, sort of. Today's assignment originally called for an outside project-but its hot as heck & I have a 6 year old with me so outside was not an option & this assignment will be moved to another day. I did however do the assignment that came next on the list.

Today's assignment was to use something you have in a collection. Well, I don't really collect chachkies or anything so I chose an odd collection: glitter glue. Last year I bought a bunch of glitter glues on clearance from Michael's (for what I do not know)...they have been waiting for their own assignment so I decided to use them as my "collection".

I immediately thought Dia De Los Muertos....that's usually sparkly stuff. I remembered I had an unfinished painting of a pierced heart, so I decided to glitter it up. This was a fun project, not necessarily a stellar artwork example, but that is not what this journal is about.

For those of you who might be thinking I have abandoned my daughter to do these projects.....never fear, each day I let her do her own project which I help her with. Today she glittered up a coloring book page. She is also having lots of fun with these assignments & loves to put her 2 cents worth in.

Here is today's result: 

The Collection


After Glitter- (I know many of you will like it better before...but it was just gathering dust in the closet)

Zoe glittering her coloring page

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