Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 6: Stencil- AKA- You can't get away with murder Dexter

Did you know that when you put watery paint in a graffiti marker & squeeze really hard that it can & WILL explode ALL over your house?

Yep its true ! Keep reading......

So- today's assignment was to make a stencil & then use it in your art. Well I tried to make my own stencil but that didn't go so well, so since I am trying to use up some of my forgotten supplies I pulled out some chipboard pieces I have and popped out the design & used the negative spaces as stencils.

I found another unfinished canvas in my closet & I decided to pretty it up. I made a paste out of Golden's Light Molding Paste, cadmium orange & just a touch of pthalo blue to grey it down.

I spread the paste onto the stencil & voilla !!!

Then,  I had this great idea to fill one of my "On The Run" graffiti markers with copper colored paint & let it drip down the canvas. But, I must not have thinned the paint out enough because when I squeezed the marker... KABOOM... the paint exploded everywhere.

While I was cleaning it out of everything within a 15 foot radius, a Dexter episode ran through my head wherein he demonstrates blood splatter evidence. "A-ha" I thought, ...,"this is why you can't get away with murder.......when something liquid-y explodes it goes EVERYWHERE". So kids let this be a lesson to you-luminol will find EVERYTHING !!!

So here are the results, but the work is UNFINISHED!!! It still needs a few more things and I had trouble photographing it, because parts of it are still wet.



Crime Scene Photo, when good paint goes bad

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Work in progress, texture/depth shot

Work in progress

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